What are some of the traditional and popular dishes that you can find in Ostend?

Ostend is a beautiful coastal city in Belgium that is home to many mouth-watering dishes. The town’s cuisine is heavily influenced by its location, sitting on the North Sea coast of Flanders. From fresh seafood to hearty stews, Ostend offers a range of typical and regional foods for visitors to enjoy.

One of Ostend’s most popular dishes is “Garnaalkroketten,” or shrimp croquettes. This dish is usually served as an appetizer in restaurants across the city. The croquettes are made from grey shrimp, bechamel sauce, and breadcrumbs, which are then fried until crispy. You can sample this delicacy at Café Botteltje in the city center.

If you’re looking for a good snack, try “Luikse wafels” or Liège waffles. These waffles are denser than the typical Belgian waffle, with a crispy outer layer and a chewy inside. They are dusted with powdered sugar and often eaten as a street food. You can find them at the popular Wafelhuis Van Hecke near the beach.

Another delicious seafood dish from Ostend is “Tomate aux crevettes.” The dish is made up of hollowed-out tomato filled with gray shrimp, mayonnaise, and boiled egg. The flavors meld together perfectly, making this a fan-favorite. You can enjoy it at the famous Brasserie Albert, located in close proximity to the seafront.

Ostend is also known for its hearty stews. One such stew is “Waterzooi,” which is a traditional Flemish fish soup made with vegetables, cream, and fish. The dish originated from the medieval times when fish was a staple food on Fridays. You can try out this dish at De Gouden Klok, widely considered to be one of the best places to eat in Ostend.

“Konijn met pruimen” or rabbit with prunes, is another regional dish that you can find in Ostend. The dish is made with braised rabbit meat and sweet prunes, which are then simmered together to create a flavorful stew. You can enjoy this dish at the cozy Beerstijl café.

If you’re looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, try “Ostendse kletskoppen.” These are thin, crispy cookies that are typically made with butter, brown sugar, and almonds. They are perfect for dunking in coffee or tea and make an excellent souvenir to bring back home. You can find them at many local bakeries in Ostend.

In conclusion, Ostend has a diverse range of traditional and regional dishes to explore. From refreshing seafood to hearty stews and decadent desserts, you’ll undoubtedly find something to please your taste buds. Make sure to try out these dishes at some of the recommended restaurants, cafes, and bakeries to make your visit even more memorable.

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