What are some recommended activities to do during a layover at Touggourt Sidi Madhi Airport?

Touggourt Sidi Madhi Airport is located in the Saharan Desert in Algeria. It is a small airport that receives limited flights, but it can still offer some interesting activities during a layover. One of the recommended activities to do is to explore the city of Touggourt. The city is known for its palm groves and is only a few kilometers away from the airport. You can spend time walking around the city, enjoying the local cuisine, and getting to know the people.

Another activity to do during a layover at Touggourt Sidi Madhi Airport is to take a tour of the Sahara Desert. The desert is known for its beautiful sand dunes, and taking a tour will give you the opportunity to witness these in person. You can also take a camel ride to get a better feel of the desert, and stop by a few nomad camps to learn about their way of life.

If you are looking for more adventurous activities, then you may want to consider hiking in the Atlas Mountains. The mountains offer breathtaking views, and a chance to witness the beauty of Algeria’s nature. You can take a hiking tour with a local guide who will be able to show you the best routes and ensure your safety during the hike.

For those who prefer a more relaxed activity during their layover, visiting one of the local spas is a great option. There are several spas in the area that offer massages, facials, and other treatments that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Finally, if you are traveling with kids, a visit to the Oasis Park is a must. The park offers a glimpse into the local fauna and flora, and is a fun way to spend a few hours. There are several attractions within the park, including a mini-zoo, playgrounds, and walking trails.

In conclusion, while Touggourt Sidi Madhi Airport may be a small airport with limited flights, there are still plenty of activities to do during a layover. From exploring the city to taking a tour of the Sahara Desert, there is something for everyone. So the next time you find yourself with a layover in Touggourt Sidi Madhi Airport, consider taking advantage of some of these recommendations to make the most out of your time in Algeria.

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