What are some traditional dishes that one should try when visiting Mendoza?

Mendoza is a province in Argentina that is famous for its wine production and scenic Andes mountains. However, the region also has a rich culinary culture that is worth exploring. Here is a list of typical and regional foods that you must try when visiting Mendoza.

1. Asado: This is a traditional Argentine barbecue that is a must-try when in Mendoza. It consists of beef, ribs, sausages, and other meat cuts that are grilled over an open flame. The meat is usually marinated in chimichurri sauce, which is made with parsley, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, and chili pepper. To enjoy the best asado in Mendoza, head to La Marchigiana Restaurant, located on Aristides Villanueva Avenue.

2. Empanadas: Empanadas are a popular snack food in Mendoza and can be found in most restaurants and cafes. These are small pastry pockets filled with various ingredients such as beef, ham and cheese, corn, or pumpkin. For the best empanadas in Mendoza, visit El Palenque in Chacras de Coria.

3. Locro: Locro is a hearty stew that is typically eaten during the winter months in Mendoza. It is made with corn, beans, beef, squash, and chorizo sausage, and is served with a side of bread. To taste the best locro in town, visit La Florencia Deli in the city center.

4. Milanesa: Milanesa is a thin slice of breaded beef or chicken that is fried and served with a side of salad or mashed potatoes. This dish is usually eaten for lunch or dinner and is a staple in most Argentine households. For the best milanesa in Mendoza, visit Casa De Campo Restaurant located on San Martin Avenue.

5. Humitas: Humitas is a type of tamale that is made with fresh corn, cheese, and spices. The mixture is then wrapped in corn husks and steamed until cooked. Humitas are a popular snack food in Mendoza and can be found at local markets and food stalls. For the best humitas in town, visit Mercado Central de Mendoza.

6. Dulce de Leche: Dulce de leche is a sweet caramel-like spread that is made from milk and sugar. It is commonly used as a topping for pancakes, waffles, and ice cream, or eaten with bread. To taste the best dulce de leche in Mendoza, head to La Panera Rosa Bakery, located in the city center.

7. Fernet con Coca: Fernet con Coca is a popular alcoholic drink in Mendoza that is made with Fernet (an Italian bitter herbal liqueur) mixed with Coca-Cola. This drink is usually consumed as a digestive after a heavy meal or during social gatherings. For the best Fernet con Coca in town, visit Bar Nacional located in the city center.

In conclusion, Mendoza is a foodie’s paradise with its diverse culinary culture and delicious regional dishes. Be sure to try these must-try foods when visiting the region and experience all that Mendoza has to offer.

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