What are the different ways to get access to the airport lounge at Santa Marta Simon Bolivar Intl Airport (SMR)?

Located in the beautiful city of Santa Marta, Colombia, Simon Bolivar International Airport (SMR) is a small yet functional airport that connects passengers to various domestic and international destinations. The airport is well-equipped to handle the increasing number of travelers each year, with modern facilities and top-notch services.

The terminal building at SMR airport is relatively small but clean and comfortable, making it an ideal place for travelers who are looking for convenience and simplicity. Security measures are strict, ensuring the safety of passengers and their luggage.

Despite its size, SMR airport offers a range of amenities and services for travelers to enjoy. There are several shops and restaurants that cater to different tastes, from local cuisine to fast food chains. Duty-free shopping is also available, offering a variety of products from top brands.

For passengers who require special assistance, the airport provides accessibility services, including wheelchairs and assistance with boarding and disembarking. Additionally, there are medical facilities available in case of emergencies.

One of the highlights of SMR airport is its lounges, which provide a relaxing and comfortable environment for passengers to unwind before their flight. Here is a list of all the airport lounges at Santa Marta Simon Bolivar Intl Airport:

1. Avianca Sala VIP Lounge
2. Copa Club Lounge
3. LATAM VIP Lounge

Access to these lounges varies depending on the airline and membership status of the passenger. However, there are other ways to gain entry to the lounges, including purchasing a day pass or using a credit card with lounge access benefits.

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