What are the requirements to enter the airport lounge at Portland International Airport (PDX) and how can one gain access?

Portland International Airport (PDX) is a bustling airport located in Portland, Oregon, USA. It serves as a major hub for Alaska Airlines and is the largest airport in the state of Oregon. The airport has one main terminal, consisting of multiple concourses, and offers a range of services and amenities to travelers.

One of the standout features of PDX is its commitment to sustainability. The airport has earned numerous awards and recognitions for its eco-friendly initiatives, including a LEED Platinum certification and a spot on the EPA’s list of Green Power Partners. In addition to promoting green energy and reducing waste, PDX also boasts a unique program called “PDX Art” which showcases local artists and musicians throughout the airport.

For travelers looking to relax before their flight, PDX offers several airport lounges. Here is a list of the lounges at PDX:

1. Alaska Airlines Lounge – Located in Concourse C, the Alaska Airlines Lounge is open to passengers traveling with Alaska Airlines or other participating airlines, as well as members of the Priority Pass program.

2. Delta Sky Club – Also located in Concourse C, the Delta Sky Club is open to Delta Sky Club members and SkyTeam Elite Plus members.

3. United Club – Located in Concourse E, the United Club is open to members of the United Club program, as well as Star Alliance Gold members.

4. The Club at PDX – Located in Concourse D, The Club at PDX is open to members of the Priority Pass program and other participating lounge programs.

To gain access to these lounges, you typically need to be flying with a specific airline or have a membership to a lounge program. For example, to enter the Alaska Airlines Lounge, you need to be traveling with Alaska Airlines or another participating airline, or have a Priority Pass membership. Similarly, to enter the Delta Sky Club, you need to be a Sky Club member or a SkyTeam Elite Plus member. To enter the United Club, you need to be a member of the United Club program or a Star Alliance Gold member. Finally, to enter The Club at PDX, you need to have a Priority Pass membership or another participating lounge program membership.

If you don’t meet these requirements, you can still gain access to these lounges by purchasing a day pass, if available. However, keep in mind that day passes are often more expensive than the cost of a lounge membership, so consider your options carefully before making a purchase.

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