What is the religious diversity in Aberdeen and how do different religions shape the day-to-day life of its residents?

Aberdeen, located in the northeast of Scotland, is a city of religious diversity, with people of various faiths living together harmoniously. Christianity is the predominant religion in Aberdeen, and there are several denominations in the city, including Church of Scotland, Roman Catholic, and Episcopal churches. However, Aberdeen has seen a significant influx of people from different parts of the world in recent years, leading to an increase in religious diversity.

Islam is one of the fastest-growing religions in Aberdeen, with Muslims making up around 2% of the city’s population. The majority of Muslims in Aberdeen are of Pakistani, Bangladeshi, or Middle Eastern origin, and there are several mosques in the city, including the Aberdeen Mosque and Islamic Centre.

There are also smaller communities of Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists in Aberdeen. The city’s Hindu community has a temple on Great Western Road, while the Sikh community holds their gurdwara services in Glasgow, which is around two hours away. The Buddhist community has a centre in the city, which offers meditation sessions and courses on Buddhism.

The diversity of religions in Aberdeen is reflected in the city’s cultural events and festivals, with the annual Aberdeen Interfaith Group holding events throughout the year, such as the Interfaith Week in November. The Interfaith Group also holds Interfaith Walks, where people of different religions visit each other’s places of worship and learn about each other’s faiths.

Different religions shape the day-to-day life of Aberdeen’s residents in various ways. For example, Muslim residents may take time off work to attend Friday prayers at the mosque, while Christians may attend church on Sundays. The city’s ethnic food scene is also influenced by the diversity of religions, with Halal food shops, Indian restaurants, and Chinese food establishments all found throughout the city.

Overall, religious diversity in Aberdeen adds to the richness of the city’s culture and makes it a welcoming place for people of all faiths. The city’s residents have shown that it is possible to live together harmoniously, despite coming from different backgrounds and having different beliefs.

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